Chameleon Strategies is a strategic think tank. We strategically invest and development ventures to enable a strong international service markets. Our ventures are in the areas of technology, such as database development, digital marketing, SaaS services, service industry development, capacity building as well as the support of regional public-private frameworks with the goal of supporting a sustainable growth and community emancipation.








ENWOKE is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables organisations and individuals to participate in collaborative social commerce. Integrating with various tools that help businesses to conduct social media contests, aggregate and curate the content, publish the content and manage influencers, ENWOKE is the future of Social CRM and Social Commerce.

FLAME is a Content  & Design Studio, which provides a fresh and innovative approach to storytelling for organisations in the travel, hospitality and lifestyle sectors. is a collaborative platform for travel and tourism professionals to share and get inspired about innovative initiatives, from campaigns to programs and solutions in the global travel, tourism, and hospitality industry.

The digital platform is complemented by exclusive invitation-only C-level lab events.